Hi, I’m Brittani!

I am a graphic designer currently living in Chandler, Arizona. I was born in California and raised here in Arizona. I grew up in Avondale, Arizona where I made many friends, went to school, and built many memories. Everyone has a story and some type of rough past, and I would just have to say that through all those rough times is when I found God who helped me through it all.

I found God at a young age when he met me in a very dark time of my life, and if it wasn’t for his light – I probably wouldn’t be here today. I was very suicidal and just felt like I had no purpose, but I found my faith to give me strength. A few years later is when my aunt, mom, and grandmother joined me in church. God is good. I am now 25, experienced many amazing job opportunities where I have learned so much, living the best life, and puts family and my faith first.

I have been through many rocky relationships and met some pretty interesting people, but it wasn’t until my last corporate job is where I found my one. The one who gets me, who cares for me, who loves me unconditionally through the good and bad. He truly is the most amazing man to walk into my life and swept me off my feet. As of September 8th, of this year – we became one. I am now Mrs. Duval. My husband made me a new mommy to my beautiful one-year-old baby girl! Oh my, does that hit hard to think your babies grow SO fast. I am truly blessed as she is such a light to our family.

I enjoy spontaneous trips with my family, relaxing watching movies, and just soaking in the outdoors when it is nice out, you know it is an oven 90% of the time in Arizona. Once I became a new mommy, I struggled hard with postpartum depression. I just wanted flexibility and to be able to be home more with my baby. That is when with my faith and the help of my husband, I created Hi-Brittani Designs, LLC.

More about my passion for design -
When I was younger, I loved everything art, and I knew I wanted to grow up and do something in the field. Once I reached high school, I learned a little about design, then soon realized that it was for me! So, I went to college and I graduated at the Art Institute of Phoenix with my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Web Design with a concentration in illustration.

After experiencing five years in the corporate design field and getting everything under my belt, I took that knowledge with me. Once I became a new mommy, I decided that the corporate world was just not for me anymore. I wanted flexibility and to be able to be home more with my baby. That is when with my faith and the help of my husband, I created Hi-Brittani Designs, LLC. I am now a freelance graphic designer enjoying being my own boss at home.

At Hi-Brittani Designs, I specialize in logo design and branding. I love putting a face to a business and watch it grow. Branding is so crucial in this world from how your audience interacts with it, why people by it, and so on. Branding is what establishes creditability to your target audience, so if nothing is consistent in how everything looks from logo to store front, to the online space, then you may never reach to your fullest potential in your business. This is where I come in - start from research, to design, to colors, to fonts, and really gathering everything to help put the look and feel for your business.

I also help design smaller projects such as: marketing materials such as ads, social media posts/banners, sales tools, etc.; Banners, Trade Show Graphics, Everything PRINT DESIGN! (I can help with web, but work with another business to do so.)

I truly have a passion for what I do, and I walk through the design process with you every step of the way.

Hope to hear from you soon!