Hi-Brittani Designs



Hi, I’m Brittani!

My passion for creativity has been embedded in my blood since I was born. I love art, color, dance, photography, design, and anything that looks visually appealing to the eye – I love to look at it. I grew to love design in my high school days, when they began a new class in design. I immediately found myself lit up, and right where I needed to be. Once I continued on my career into college, I soaked everything like a sponge, and implemented it as fast as I could. Art is a beautiful creation.


As for me, well, I have since built a family with my husband and we have a beautiful baby girl. She is my why, that has led me to find my inner being and burning desire to start my business and become successful and financially free. I love what I do on the daily, and I love to build relationships with you all!


Much love xo