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Hello, my name is Brittani Duval-Champagne. I am a graphic designer currently living in Chandler, Arizona. I am a graduate at the Art Institute of Phoenix with my Bachelor of Arts in Graphic and Web Design with a concentration in illustration. Through my work, I aim to present a clean and catchy message while incorporating inspiration that I encounter on a daily basis. I find myself constantly intrigued by shapes, typography, bright color schemes, simplicity, organic style, and photography. In my career I hope to touch my feet in every part of design.

On a personal note - I am a 25 year old new mommy to my beautiful baby girl. She is my drive for everything life in this moment. They say that life goes so quick when you have a baby - IT’S TRUE! She is my motivation, my sunshine, my angel. I also am married to my wonderful husband, and we enjoy life together. I enjoy building relationships with other people, listening to motivational podcasts, empowering other moms, traveling, and just living this good life! I am also an active JESUS lover who goes to church.

I have 5 years of experience in the graphic design corporate world. I recently went out on my own as a freelancer as of this year. I created Hi-Brittani Designs LLC to be able to have the flexibility that I want and need for my baby.

I specialize in logo design and branding businesses that don’t know where to start when starting their business. I also can help with print design, web design (informational), large format print design, marketing, social media design, and more! I love to make things look pretty.

“Let’s Make Your Vision Come Alive”