Did You Know Design Is Apart Of Your Everyday Life


Design is in your everyday life from the packaging you buy at the grocery store, to the food you eat, to the stores you shop.

"Design plays a major role in helping you decide what best fulfills your needs, wants, and lifestyle choices." - Joshua Claflin. "Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives, whether or not we are aware of it, and can also be inspiring, empowering and enlightening." - Corey

In your day-to-day life when you encounter language and shape forms, then you are viewing the work of fonts and typography which is created by designers in which you read and view. Designers also manipulate typography and shapes into what we call logos. Logos are what form a brand which then follows all the other marketing materials we use today. Websites, packaging, product design, business cards, brochures, and more design materials that these companies need to keep their branding going. 

"Graphic design influences and reinforces your brand loyalty to the products you buy, the places you shop and dine." - Matt Merkel

Design is a huge economic driver in how consumers shop and live their lives today. From driving and following directional traffic signs, to icons that portray a meaning, and anything that displays. There would be no newspapers, magazines, theme parks...yes Disney, or even your daily trips to the mall. The development and how the internet has progressed would not be here today without graphic and web design. 

Our society today thinks design is just easy and so easily dismissed as unimportant, but that is because we don't see how it influences us. The logos we design or have created are what puts a face to the brand and that brand is what will make or break a business. People are very opinionated, and we all want the best of the best, so design is very important to receive that. Our fancy car, our house, our interior design, our pool, our landscape, our money, our groceries, the stores we shop, the clothes we wear, the list goes on - I think you get the point. There is no denying the importance design has in our everyday life.